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Grassfed Beef Farm LLC

Grassfed Beef Farm LLC


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How did this start?

Backyard chickens. Yeah, that's how it started. Then a neighborhood garden. Wine-making and meal preparation. The more we grew and raised our own food - the better our meals tasted. What a great way to live. To look at your table and see vegetables, meat, and wine, knowing where it came from and the people that helped grow and prepare it.

We lived in town - our grandparents' had strong agricultural backgrounds and their farming experiences had influences upon us. Admittedly there is a bit of romanticism in the day-dream to take the backyard chickens and neighborhood garden the next step. We attended pasture walks in the summertime and met like-minded people who shared an interest in healthy food.

But then, it happened. The moment we understood how our food, economy, eco-system, solar cycles, and climate are all connected. We learned the secret. It was soil. So in 2017 we found a patch of ground and decided to practice regenerative agriculture - we are bringing the soil back to life.

Healthy, living soil is a requirement for fabulously nutritious food. Not dirt with petrochemical and herbicide inputs - but soil with organic matter inputs.

So we raise food; the way you would. We don't take shortcuts - we use quality inputs, hard work, and do our best to restore the environment.



Dale Goss

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