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Backyard Acres, LLC

Backyard Acres, LLC


Vegetables Poultry Meat Specialty/Value Added Food Products



All of our Animals are Grass Fed/Finished & rotational grazed on lush, diverse pastures and those that need supplemented feed like poultry, are fed an expensive Custom Soy & Corn Free Certified Organic Ration. We take extra care by soaking their feed overnight and adding Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to their fresh water daily, making the nutrients in their feed more digestible. Always Hormone & Antibiotic Free, scratching, picking, rooting & wandering about. These Animals maybe a little more expensive due to the higher cost and extra time that they’re raised but this ensures they’re packed full of nutrients and flavor without any of the inflammatory phytoestrogens found in Soy based feeds. Animals; as nature intended. 

Our Produce is grown here or sourced by farmers also practicing sustainable, regenerative agriculture methods that follow Organic certification principles. 

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WI LFPA, Grassfed Lamb, Organic SOY/CORN Free Fed Pasture Raised Turkey, 


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